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0 <=>  ∞

installation 130/195/130 cm

     0<=> ∞ is a calculation of infinity as a probability. The installation generates an intersection of software and 2-dimensional space of the canvas. The black line is drawn on the surface of the canvas by kinetic machine, `revels´ the infinity of points on a plane as a cross-section of infinite lines running through its space regarding an understanding of Kandinsky Point and Line to Plane. The line is a theoretical line that represents the eye level of the observer referring to the horizon line which is the closest to an infinite impression in the physical world. Operation code makes a mark on the surface of the painting with charcoal within, exposing language of software that signifies it corporeal. At the same time, creating dust line on the floor which indicates a time interval.
The examination ties to understandings zero as non-motion: a point, the emptiness of a primed canvas, and the void of a yet-to-be programmed Arduino. The ongoing investigation became an attempt at analyzing the use of line in artistic creation and associations arising from it, by asking the intentional question: ´ is the line just a tool in an artist’s creations, or is it the artist’s awareness, transgression and existential implications where the line becomes a language in itself? ´
By posting resemblance as the link between signs-code of an Arduino and what they indicate, language is no longer a figuration of the world or a signature stamped upon things since the beginning of time. As Foucault´s writes the manifestation and sign of truth are to be found in evident and distinct perception(…)Language has withdrawn from the midst of beings themselves and has entered a period of transparency and neutrality.
Within this work, Burek suggests infinity in a visually perceptible manner.