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Lerning To Draw A Line  

installation in progress 

     Work is a creation of a transient line in a notebook made by repeatedly drawn a line back and forth on the first page. The work documents an action of repeating this same motion where the process of repetition presents a trace of corporeal presence. Learning to draw a line refers to my own path, going ‘through something’, an attempt at reaching a goal, where each page, in a sense, is a step of bringing me closer to it. All lines equally important representing destruction and creation, expectation and hope, past, present and future at the same time.

As a project proposal for the residency I would like to record entire process of drawing which is an essential part of the method. During whole residency I would like to end up with at least 8 hours of record.

Sound refers to a practice of meditation, emphasizes stage of mind where time does not matter, almost like it was still and do not exist.

The installation will consist of one simple five-foot-long tables with a concealed sound system where the sound travels from one side of the white table to another making the process of mediation present for a viewer.

Here you can hear the first record of it