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ink on wood, 190,100,10 cm, 2020

(an installation inspired by Leveld.)  

At the basic level, a trace of a drawing made on the wooden panels is a representation of the place, a record of its presence. Where the linear representation of the map of Leveld changes to more frivol drawing inspired by captured time on the other side of wooden panels. Each hole, cut and brake contribute to the memory of the drawing. They came to life in certain time continuity, and thus they provide proof to the time past, they are a record of their history constructed in the course of their coming to being. Installation is a record of the time and space as a dialogue between both.
Three panels hung from the ceiling in relation to each other. The different positioning and the space between each one of the panels allow us to enter the recorded past in the present by the possibility to walk around each panel and accede to the smallest detail of the drawing.