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     The work relates to a memory impression of the images, where imagination gives them shape and form. The painting is the creation of layers of paint where each one of them contributes to the memory of painting. They come to life in a certain time continuity where they become a record of their own history constructed in the course of their coming into being. The layers of the paint are afterwards stripped from the painting exposing the pattern as proof to the past. The shape of the landscape painted on canvas refers to physiological afterimages as the dim area that seems to float before one’s eyes after briefly looking into a light source, such as a camera flash.

Horizon, Cloud and The River Line



Acquired Of The Horizon

     The series Acquired Of The Horizon refers to human intervention in nature and so severe interference that nature is not able by itself to make self-regulation to resolve the issue. We are trapped in self-reflection where every subsequent attempt to seize control of hazards created by us raises new uncertainty.


Four Seasons