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Shadows Of The Forest

wood 320,230,120 cm

    The installation draws in a given space landscape by the resemblance of the items and their original functions and meaning, allowing them to attain poetic references to Nature. The most intriguing moment of the work is the introduction of transborder crossing in which the wood and the shadow brought to life by light come together as one. The play on lighting and shadows become the beginning of the creation of a new reality, one that is conceivable and illusive. Where the elusive, indeterminable non-existent substance of the shadow and its questionable, fleeting impression is the very essence of the installation. Shadow/memory of what the wood pieces used to be are creating a play on the wall of the gallery, shadows which gives a new presence and relation for the artwork. In this particular case, it seems as if the dichotomy of light and dark should be seen as a metaphor for real and inner communication. The installation has been placed towards the wall suggesting the line of the landscape and refers to the exploitation and destruction of Nature.